The  LAJA Styles Series features #StrongIndependentWomen styled in LAJA using items from their wardrobe. With ankara print, we often believe we have to buy a whole new wardrobe to make it work which isn’t true. This series shows you that you have everything you need to incorporate ankara clothing and pull together killer outfits (for different occasions) right in your wardrobe. I hope you draw inspiration from the styles of these beautiful women.
Photography: LAJA Photography
Styling: LAJA Styles

Today, we are in Cassey’s wardrobe!

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Look 1

Thoughts on this look?
“I felt so vibrant in this outfit. I love how the pattern accentuated my heels and lip color. The pop of yellow provided a great contrast that made the outfit stand out overall.”
Look 2
“I loved the purple skirt and how simple the design was to make a semi-formal look. A sleek high bun and a nice throw can turn a simple skirt into a killer evening look!”

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