Coral Tunes


I’m back at it with the corn rows again. 😀 Went with the mood and feel and where was I going? The library, true story hahaha!

I’ve been thinking about the whole veganism movement and living a simpler, healthier lifestyle. I always talk about self empowerment and I’ve been making efforts since last year to reduce the amount of meat I eat in my diet. After watching this speech today, I’ve been even more motivated to get rid of as much animal product from my diet. What do you guys think?

Outfit Details

Occassion: Classes, Errands, Causal… or the Library.

Skirt: LAJA

Dress (worn as blouse, #Innovation): Charlotte Russe

Coral Beaded Purse: EWA Collection

Shoes: Payless

Earrings: Fulfill Jewelry




Five Sisters

miss-laja-ankara-fashion (12)

My post in April starts with introducing this lovely dress that’s sister to this stunning Owa Maxi skirt. I wore it to a business event yesterday where I got to talk about my venture and passions. It was amazing speaking in front of an amazing group of important people so I decided on this chic dress and decided yellow was the way to go. I’ve decided I’ll start including occasion details to give you a better idea on where you can wear some of the outfits you see on here.

It’s available for purchase on LAJA. Like the OWA maxi, there’s only one available so know you and me will be the only ones in the world that have this lovely creation. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Outfit Details

Occasion: Business Causal

LAJA “Boji Boji” Dress

Fulfill Jewelry Earrings + Bracelet

BCBG Shoes

miss-laja-ankara-fashion (7)miss-laja-ankara-fashion (6)miss-laja-ankara-fashion (11)miss-laja-ankara-fashion (1)miss-laja-ankara-fashion (8)Always,


Earth To LAJA


I’ll just be honest with myself and admit that I’m a sucker for flared skirts and off should tops (substitute turtle necks for colder weather)  This is a casual outfit that’s comfy yet chic. I found myself gravitating towards it and I thought “Not again.” This one is from my fashion line, LAJA. The amount of flared skirts prints and plain alike is quite embarrassing but in my defense, flares are very flattering on most body shapes. It’s versatile, you can wear flared-on-flared (my personal favorite as you can tell) or tight-on-flared so it’s a win-win. I plan on shooting more casual outfits for different occasions so keep your eyes peeled.

In other news, it’s crunch time for me. I’m a co-organizer for my school’s African cultural showcase and the show’s exactly a week from today so next week’s going to be very interesting. I’m quite excited. You know I love backstage chaos, hahaha! Wish me good luck 🙂

It’s also my burff-day on Monday but I’m most likely going to be stuck doing homework and getting things together for JABULANI. #LAJADay coming through! My roommate just mentioned Corbin Bleu’s getting married… What? Like what? Dayumm, time flies. Anyways, go to go now, off to dreamland.

Have a lovely weekend and talk to you in a bit!

Outfit details

Courte Skirt: LAJA

Crop top: Charlotte Russe

Thong Sandals: Ralph Lauren

Purse: Target




Blue Swan


Hey chica! I just got back from Spring break (very much needed) and if we’re friends on Instagram (@miss_laja), you’d know I was in New York! I got the chance to network with and meet lovely individuals who shed great insight on entrepreneurship, fashion and business.  It’s lovely being around people passionate about making a change. I feel truly blessed. I’m so happy  being consumed by a passion so much bigger than myself. I prefer staying up late brainstorming new ideas for this site or designs for my fashion line. It can be stressful but I label it “good stress” because it energizes me. What’s your source of “good stress”?

With the launch of LAJA, this OWA maxi feeds my never ending love for deep blue. The print is absolutely stunning and I felt really breezy in it. Yes, yes, it is available on LAJA and I’m working hard to add more pieces so keep your eyes peeled my love.

I’m quite excited for this new chapter if you ask me! Enjoy your week and I’ll talk to you in a bit!

Outfit Details

OWA Collage Maxi Skirt: LAJA

Earrings: Fulfill Jewelry

Purse: Segolene En Cuir





FINALLY, FINALLY I am SO elated to announce my fashion line, LAJA. An extension of my passion for promoting the beauty, diversity and versatility of African prints! I truly believe that African prints are versatile, are modern and I hope to empower woman through them. All the ankara print clothing I wear on here are designed by me so I want to share my designs with you all. I truly love what I do and pour my heart, soul and spirit into my pieces so know they are also an extension of my being and style.

We are celebrating this milestone with a 30% discount code (“HelloLAJA”) on all LAJA courte skirts!

I will be every active on here so don’t worry, Miss LAJA isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I’ll talk to you in a bit and thanks for hanging with me 🙂



Always and Forever,


Eternity & A Day


I have this sense of urgency about life. I always feel I can do more, do better, reach higher. At the stage (and age) I’m in, I believe so strongly it’s the best time to try out new things, go out of my comfort zone, make mistakes because honestly, things only get more complicated as time goes on. This mindset definitely has it perks and downfall. One being you actually get to do really cool things that aren’t as common or you wouldn’t have done had you waited for “the right time”. There’s no such thing. On the other end, you tend to put wayyy too much pressure on yourself as you easily tend to forget that thing we call time and patience. I’m guilty, guilty, guilty all the way.

I’m in such a position right now where I have to take critical decisions as to what direction I want to go in with Miss LAJA and my fashion career. The decision is a major game changer and will require quite some transition in my life. On the other end, it will lead me closer to achieving my dreams, goals and aspirations. I’ve read so much articles my brain is fried and I’ve spoken to may people. Then I realized I’m running because ultimately it’s up to me to make that decision. I know I always speak in riddles but I promise you, it’ll be very clear as to what the hell I’m talking about. It’s nothing bad, far from it. It’s a blessing and the potential opportunities scare me so much it’s hard to concentrate or think or sleep. All I ask is that you stay excited and you pray for me.

Eternity & A Day by Paul Haslinger fills me with so much hope. I almost feel infinite when listening to it. I imagine myself at the highest peak of a mountain amongst the clouds in awe of the view. Sublime. There’s so much beauty and love the world has to offer and while it can be beautifully overwhelming, it’s so important to take things one step at a time, one day at a time because it’s there. Listen to the song, what does it remind you of?

miss-laja-african-fashion-1miss-laja-african-fashion-1-2 miss-laja-african-fashion-2-2 miss-laja-african-fashion-5 miss-laja-african-fashion-7 miss-laja-african-fashion-14miss-laja-african-fashion-3-2

Outfit Details

Dress: LAJA Styles

Sweater: Windsor

Blazer/Beret: Target

Shoes: Audrey Brooks

Coat: Metaphor



LAJA Unseen #10

miss-laja-african-fashion-1-2Enjoy and don’t forget to check out the name of the pose above on LAJA-gram (@miss_laja). Any guesses?

Leave them in the comments below!

LAJA Unseen #9| LAJA Unseen 8 | LAJA Unseen #7|

When You Act Like You Care But Really Don’t.
When You Need To Pluck A Wedgie But Bae’s Coming Through.
Trying To Dodge Responsibility Like…
When People Underestimate Your Level Of Crazy & Try You.
When People Come At You With The Same Old News.
When You’re Asked Who Stole The Meat From The Cooking Pot
When Your Girl Announces They Have Gossip For You.
Waiting For Bae To Post Up For Valentine’s Day Like.

  Happy Valentine’s Day,


Gimme More Flare


Happy February, sunshine! This week has been a whirlwind for me. So many meetings and appointments to keep up with. I wake up and before I know it, the day’s gone. I’m glad though because tomorrow, I’m seeing a BØRNS concert! *jumps up and down like a true fan girl* Being excited is such an understatement I can’t begin to explain, hahaha. I’ve always talked about how my friends don’t understand my music taste so I will be going alone. #SoloRanger Besides his popular jams, I’ve been listening to “American Money” on repeat (please tell me I’m not the only one, am I) so that’ll have to been my song of January. Any favorites from BØRNS? Tell me!

I wore this outfit to brunch with my girlfriends. I’ve been loving living the knee-high life and I’m considering upgrading to the thigh-high life. I put my layering skills into play and wore this black skirt over my ankara dress to give it a different look. What do you think? It’s all about being innovative with your clothing, I’ve had this dress for about 3 years now. It’s not going anywhere. What are some versatile pieces in your wardrobe and what do you use them for?

Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll talk to you in a bit.

miss-laja-african-fashion-9 miss-laja-african-fashion-8 miss-laja-african-fashion-7 miss-laja-african-fashion-6 miss-laja-african-fashion-5 miss-laja-african-fashion-4 miss-laja-african-fashion-2

Outfit details

Ankara dress: LAJA Styles

Skirt: old

Shoes: Audrey Brooke

Jacket: Bongo

Earrings: Fulfill Jewelry



Disco Disco


Although I draw my inspiration from basically everywhere, I’ll have to say that the 70s are my favorite period in fashion history. Flared bottoms, a-line skirts, chunky heels, high waists; that era calls to me so much. I love my flared bottoms to sweep the ground if not I find it way too awkward. This ankara blouse is another vintage piece from Mummy LAJA dearest and the cuts are absolutely exquisite.

I never knew this day would come but I have been feeling this short hair SO hard. I shied away from short hairstyles because I didn’t think they were flattering for my face type but now, I’m hardcore contemplating staying short (and red) the whole of 2016. T’is really true, you’ll never know if something works or not if you don’t try it. I’ll leave you with that and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!misslaja-70s-african-fashion-ankara-3 misslaja-1 misslaja-70s-african-fashion-ankara-16 misslaja-70s-african-fashion-ankara-13 misslaja-70s-african-fashion-ankara-12 misslaja-70s-african-fashion-ankara-15

Outfit details

Ankara Blouse: Vintage


Sunglasses: Nordstrom Rack



LAJA in Osborne II


Gold tone, gold accents, LAJA loved gold. Always had and always will. After a wild night of merry, exotic cuisines and cocktails,  she seeks some solace before her bittersweet departure.  Taking in the clear blue waters and relishing the sun on her skin, enjoys the magical moment while pondering… Where next?


Special thanks to SpringPark Yaad Hotel & Tours Osborne for partnering on this project.

Outfit details

Ankara skirt: LAJA Styles

Blouse: Old

Sandals: Charlotte Russe

Jewelry: Fulfill Jewelry

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

Shot by: LAJA Photography & Fresco Genius