LAJA in Osborne

springparkyaadwebsite-21After an emotional departure from the cottage, LAJA’s adventures lead her to Osborne. Feeling stronger in her every evolving identity, this time she means business. Very comfortable as a solo explorer, she decides to celebrate her new found confidence and indulges in the luxuries of life through SpringPark Yaad Hotel.

It was going to be a short stay since she often craved change but as always, she’d make the most of it…

To be continued…misslaja-springpard-yaad-hotels-1misslaja-springpard-yaad-hotels-4springparkyaadhotels-7springparkyaadwebsite-22springparkyaadhotels-13springparkyaadhotels-4springparkyaadhotels-15misslaja-springpard-yaad-hotels-1-2misslaja-springpard-yaad-hotels-2-2

Outfit details

Ankara Jumpsuit: LAJA Styles

Sandals: Charlotte Russe

Jewelry: Fulfill Jewelry

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

Bag: Michael Kors

Shot by: LAJA Photography & Fresco Genius




misslaja-2I hope you’re enjoying what’s left of the weekend. I finished watching “Far From The Madding Crowd”, I started it on the plane but didn’t get to around till the end. I AM IN LOVE. I love movies, books, TV Shows and pretty much anything where the heroine (if she’s the main character) is strong and bad ass. Have you seen it? If you haven’t you neeeed to so we can discuss. I’m  a sucker for medieval, Victorian inspired visual arts (explains my love for TV show Reign).

Speaking of bad ass, I’m back to wearing crazy colored hair extensions. Yes, it’s that time again. 2015 was a year of neutrals and playing it safe with colours, this year I plan on going overboard hehe. That’s a promise. I’m feeling this red so much I’m contemplating being a red head the whole of 2016 (might through in some grey, who knows, who knows?) This past month and late last year, I’ve been living in black and red. I’ve just naturally gravitated towards them. My style has definitely taken an edge side. Looking forward to seeing how I match my ankara pieces. Cheers to being bad.


Outfit details
Ankara Jacket: LAJA Styles
Dress: Body Central
Booties: Mix No. 6



Open Basket



This week has been a whirlwind of activities, running errands and just trying to put things in place. I’ve been driving SO much this past holiday. While I’ve gotten my license a while back (ie last summer), I still have a lot of practice and improvements to my skills but practise makes perfect.Driving here in Lagos is absolutely crazy and like people say, if you can drive in Lagos roads, you can drive anywhere in the world. It’s literally chaos on the roads. A car brushed mine while I was out on an errand and even though the guy was at fault he was still shouting and causing a scene. At that time, I wasn’t sure who was right or wrong so I apologized. I didn’t have my license on me (kids don’t try this at home) and my grand mum was at the back; didn’t want her stressing unnecessarily and I certainly didn’t want the police asking me for my papers, hehe.  If there’s one thing I learnt, it is to be patient. I didn’t realize it despite people always telling me and I still have a hard time understanding but I kinda do agree that I need to chill 10 extra seconds. I’m usually so full of energy but at that moment I was so calm. Imagine if I started screaming at him in return. We’d still be there till now lol. Nigerians can sha blow things out of proportion. I can’t complain cause I’m GUILTY all the wayy!


What’s a sticky situation you’ve gotten out of? Any horrid driving experiences?




misslaja-wears-michael-kors-14misslaja-wears-michael-kors-13misslaja-wears-michael-kors-11misslaja-wears-michael-kors-6Photos Shot at SpringPark Yaad Hotel.

Outfit Details

Blouse: LAJA Styles

Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Bag: Michael Kors

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Jewelry: Fulfill Jewelry

Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren



LAJALights 2015

how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (16)

First of all, a big ass hug and bisous to you for sticking with me through the whole year of 2015. Thank you. I was talking with Mummy LAJA and it dawned on me that I achieved everything I wanted to for Miss LAJA this 2015 and I didn’t realize it till I actually sat down to start writing my goals for 2016; I got a new DSLR, I moved out of Blogger (yas Lord), I posted at least once a day on my social media accounts, I improved the quality of my images, produced more content than 2014… I could go on and on. I can remember writing down my goals in 2014 with excitement and doubt in my mind yet here we are. I’m writing this now because I want to read this in the near future and think “Lol when I thought this was “work”” Sometimes I want to tell myself to chill and see how far I’ve come then I think nah, there’s still SO much to be done. #SorryNotSorry but I am grateful.

How would you describe your year in a word? Mine would be clarity. My mind is sharper and the path is getting clearer. I feel like I finally have found my focus on here; promoting the beauty, diversity and versatility of African prints. It just rolls off the tongue like du chocolat doesn’t it? When I’m talking to people about it, I’m like to myself “HUNTY, tell them though!” It’s what I love and what I want to continue doing. 2016 will be about challenging myself even more because I’m taking up more tasks with Miss LAJA, school and even my extracurricular activities (yeah, that sounds so primary school but I still say it ha). I also realized that I really like the concept of product design, branding and marketing. I want to look into that more in 2016. It gets me really excited just thinking about it, don’t worry I’ll let you know how it goes. God really came through as usual in 2015 by making me not GAF more and just doing me. It’s liberating, you should try it if you haven’t already.

My highlight and lowlight for me this year has nothing to do with Miss LAJA but with Grandma LAJA who recently, by the Grace of God recovered from a terminal illness. I’m not here to preach but if there’s one thing I learnt this year, it’s that God is real. Literally saw him every day doing his THING in my life and that of my family. No jokes.

Like I said earlier, things are clearer. You can even see the change reflected in my outfits. I’m still highly critical of myself (surprise) but it’s necessary because I always want to give you my best. No shitty or half-ass work. With that, here is a compilation of my outfits from this year. Enjoy them with me. This will be a tradition from hence forth. As long as Miss LAJA continues to exist, that is… See you next year, sexy! Cheers to slaying more print as often as possible and showing you that #AfricanprintsAreVersatile.

See LAJALights 2014

how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (6)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (7)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (12)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (13)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (5)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (15)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (17)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (3)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (18)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (8)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (11)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (1)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (10)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (4)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (14)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (9)how to wear african print 2015 lajalights (2)

See you next year,


This Christmas

springparkyaad-2Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing day! I went for a relative’s birthday party! Yes, she shares the same birthday as Jesus. It was a great time with food and lovely company. I’ve been visiting many family members and friends and it absolutely blows my mind that they know about Miss LAJA! Hearing the things they say encourage me so much and make me look forward to what 2016 has to offer. It’s officially a countdown! I’m going to keep this short and sweet as I just got back from a visit to my cousins’ place! I hope you enjoyed yours, what did you do? And what are you looking forward to this coming 2016?

A little bit on the outfit, I’m wearing a vintage ankara top courtesy Mummy LAJA. The top is about 15 years old! I was like dayummm :O I can imagine myself wearing this outfit if I were spending Christmas or even the New Year in Las Vegas

Imagine an evening consisting of food (obviously ), a burlesque show and maybe a party after, hehe; Miss LAJA bringing a touch of ankara to the Sin City 😉 #TheUlitmateVegasOutfit in my dictionary, don’t you think? A girl can dream but I wore this on a day out on Christmas day. There’s nothing I love more than a night out with great food and great company; life is wayy too short to accept any less. Coming home this Christmas to my family and friends redirected my perspective.  Where would you wear this outfit to? I would like to know 😀

Don’t forget to check out the latest video I just dropped on how I tie my gele. I want your feedback! Enjoy, the rest of your week and I’ll talk to you in a bit.


springparkyaad-1 springparkyaad-3 springparkyaad-13 springparkyaad-6springparkyaad-5 springparkyaad-7 springparkyaad-8 springparkyaad-9 springparkyaad-12

Outfit details

Ankara Blouse: Vintage Ankara

Skirt: old

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Purse: Antonio Melanie

Swarovski Earrings: Fulfill Jewelry

Merry Christmas!


Gele Chronicles: Black and White


Here’s another gele look since I haven’t done one in a while. I plan on doing a lot of the holidays as I’m in the process of coveting my mum’s wardrobe *cheese* This isn’t a gele entirely but I wanted to head piece and jewelry to be the focus of the look. What do you  think?

A moment of silence for the gorgeousness of this set! Ahnahn, talk about making a statement! Fulfill Jewelry never fails to leave me speechless each and every time plus they’re handmade. So you can imagine why this is a favorite brand of mine. For me, it’s quality over quantity always.

If you’re home on the holidays, how do you feel? Splendid isn’t it? One of my girlfriends is graduating this week (yeah, it’s a winter graduation). After 4 years of fun/suffering I’m like yesss girl, get it! Hope you’re all settling back home well. Jet lag has been my bestie but other than that. I’m good. Enjoy and I’ll talk to you in a bit!DSC_4359




Outfit details

Makeup/Headgear by Miss LAJA

Jewelry: Fulfill Jewelry





Blue Lagoon

12369964_1010746672321964_1746294379_oI’m half asleep as I type this since I just touched down in Nigeria and my body is just confused. First thing I was greeted with was the heat and I welcomed it wholeheartedly because you know I’m not at all about that cold life. Anyways, it’s good to be home and have a change of space/location. It honestly makes a huge difference in my personality and demeanor. I feel different, even weird so to say. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I haven’t been home in the past year? It might not sound like a big deal but my personality changes with location. Not drastically though but it does change. Another possibility is I’m just plain tired and I’m just pouring out my brain. Either ways, do you have any experience with this?

Today’s pictures are from a collab I did with a photographer, Justin. I had so much fun during this shoot and loved geeking about photography life and struggles. It’s always great teaming up with people who are so passionate about their craft. If you’re looking to find cool and unique music + photography, check him out here.

Enjoy and I’ll talk to you in a bit!





Photos by Justin Báez


Outfit details

Skirt: LAJA Styles

Sweater: Windsor

Earrings/ Swarovski tear drop bracelet: Fulfill Jewelry

Spiked Cuff: Thrifted






All My Favorite Things


This outfit comprises of all my favorite things in one place; ankara, leather, jeans, black and red. I absolutely adore how 90s this outfit is with the skirt especially. I found that lately my style has been filled with tights and short skirts or dresses. It’s a countdown till Christmas break and I must say, I’m not feeling completely overwhelmed like I usually do this time of the semester. There is pressure let me hastily add but at this point I would have probably cried to my mum on the phone at least once and cried five times more on my own, haha! That’s one of the ways I get rid of my stress when I’ve had enough. I’m glad with how things are now.

Anyways, I’m keeping this message short and sweet as I have to start studying for my exams. I wish you all the best this last few weeks of 2015. Finish off strong!

On another note, what do you guys think of the new layout and design?I finally migrated from Blogger to WordPress. Things are still sketch as I haven’t had time to really clean things up but do you like it? Please let me know your thoughts! I’m so elated that the ministry is moving to greater heights. All the best and I’ll talk to you in a bit 🙂

african-fashion-misslaja-18african-fashion-misslaja-1-2 african-fashion-misslaja-16  african-fashion-misslaja-14 african-fashion-misslaja-13 african-fashion-misslaja-12african-fashion-misslaja-15 african-fashion-misslaja-10 african-fashion-misslaja-7african-fashion-misslaja-19

Outfit Details

Blouse: LAJA

Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: Windsor

Coat: Metaphor



LAJA Unseen #9


Enjoy and don’t forget to check out the name of the pose above on LAJA-gram (@miss_laja). Any guesses? Leave them in the comments below!

LAJA Unseen 8 | LAJA Unseen #7 LAJA Unseen #6

When people keep repeating themselves
When You’re Being Petty But You Don’t Even Care
When you’ve drank too much but you look good.
Passing by people you dislike like…


When it’s none of your business though.
When You’re Trying To Laugh But Your Makeup Is Popping



Purple Enough?

Today’s outfit is too bright for life and I definitely need the brightness and colour in my life considering the tragedies that plagued the news this past week. I’ve talked about it so much and I just need some air to breathe because it’s so darn depressing. I need some change in my life right now since I’m so caught up with routines and what not. I decided to change my lip color. It might seem little but things like these remind me to always be grateful and that sometimes change is good. I hope you all are hanging in there and always remember to be grateful for every moment because it could all be taken away like that *snaps fingers*

 Yeah, yeah the ensemble has too much prints and colour but I love how both compliment each other. I feel so happy looking at the skirt alone.  My roommate was skeptical but when I looked in the mirror, I thought “Yass, love it!” With style, as long as you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, that’s all that matters. Seriously, learn to always do you regardless of what anyone has to say.
How do you cope with misfortune and bad news? I’d love to know!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your week, stay safe. I’ll talk to you in a bit. 
Outfit details
Ankara skirt: LAJA Styles
Blouse: Target
Blazer: Target
Earrings: Fulfill Jewelry