This outfit comprises of all my favorite things in one place; ankara, leather, jeans, black and red. I absolutely adore how 90s this outfit is with the skirt especially. I found that lately my style has been filled with tights and short skirts or dresses. It’s a countdown till Christmas break and I must say, I’m not feeling completely overwhelmed like I usually do this time of the semester. There is pressure let me hastily add but at this point I would have probably cried to my mum on the phone at least once and cried five times more on my own, haha! That’s one of the ways I get rid of my stress when I’ve had enough. I’m glad with how things are now.

Anyways, I’m keeping this message short and sweet as I have to start studying for my exams. I wish you all the best this last few weeks of 2015. Finish off strong!

On another note, what do you guys think of the new layout and design?I finally migrated from Blogger to WordPress. Things are still sketch as I haven’t had time to really clean things up but do you like it? Please let me know your thoughts! I’m so elated that the ministry is moving to greater heights. All the best and I’ll talk to you in a bit 🙂

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Outfit Details

Blouse: LAJA

Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: Windsor

Coat: Metaphor