Gele Chronicles: B&W


Here’s another gele look since I haven’t done one in a while. I plan on doing a lot of the holidays as I’m in the process of coveting my mum’s wardrobe *cheese* This isn’t a gele entirely but I wanted to head piece and jewelry to be the focus of the look. What do you  think?

A moment of silence for the gorgeousness of this set! Ahnahn, talk about making a statement! Fulfill Jewelry never fails to leave me speechless each and every time plus they’re handmade. So you can imagine why this is a favorite brand of mine. For me, it’s quality over quantity always.

If you’re home on the holidays, how do you feel? Splendid isn’t it? One of my girlfriends is graduating this week (yeah, it’s a winter graduation). After 4 years of fun/suffering I’m like yesss girl, get it! Hope you’re all settling back home well. Jet lag has been my bestie but other than that. I’m good. Enjoy and I’ll talk to you in a bit!DSC_4359




Outfit details

Makeup/Headgear by Miss LAJA

Jewelry: Fulfill Jewelry





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