LAJA Styles Kristen (Fall/Winter Edition)

The  LAJA Styles Series features #StrongIndependentWomen styled in LAJA using items from their wardrobe. With ankara print, we often believe we have to buy a whole new wardrobe to make it work which isn’t true. This series shows you that you have everything you need to incorporate ankara clothing and pull together killer outfits (for different occasions) right in your wardrobe. I hope you draw inspiration from the styles of these beautiful women.

Photography: LAJA Photography

Styling: LAJA Styles

 Today, we’re in Kristen’s wardrobe!

Look 1

Describe your personal style
“I switch between wearing basic, modern clothing in dark colours or jewel tones and more bohemian styles.”

Look 2

How do you feel in these outfits?

“Powerful. Bright. Feminine. I feel sexy, but not like I’m dressing up for someone else.”

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LAJA Zobo Skirt

LAJA Ika Wrap dress

Ndokwa Spiral Earrings




BRAG 2016

Miss LAJA X Mummy LAJA πŸ˜€
Loved the decor
LAJA X Laquan Smith <3 
Mega babe πŸ˜€ 
Intelligent Ladies
The Honorees
From the latest in #LAJAInNewYork, I had an absolute blast attending the BRAG 2016 Gala. BRAG (Black Retail Action Group) is a non-profit striving for diversity within the fashion and retail industry. It’s lovely being a part of such incredibly intelligent people who are passionate and driven.
My stay was short but sweet (one night), I flew in from Boston and the lovely Mummy LAJA was my date πŸ™‚ The honorees were LaQuan Smith, Terri Hines, Jason McNary and Durand Guion- all with incredibly successful careers in fashion and retail.
Felt like an absolute Queen in my outfit thanks to the Enyabere set and my sick blouse. Gotta love some back action !
Till next time, New York.



LAJA X Forbes

In my LAJA Aniocha wrap dress

Honored to have been selected as a Forbes Under 30 2016 Scholar. It’s a very exciting recognition, cheers to more exciting things to come and thank you all for the support you’ve shown LAJA so far. Much love and have an exciting week!



Mother Knows Best

Hello lovely,

I’m back with another ankara print styling post. I curate this look with 90% of Mummy LAJA’s clothing and 10% mine. It’s a blessing having an incredibly stylish (and intelligent) mother who you can permanently borrow from. This peplum top is a no brainer; the orange and black floral print are LAJA incarnate and it’s so powerful. I paired the blouse with straight legged pants because we all know (and adore) the lengthening effects it gives the legs. I finished it

Top courtesy Mummy LAJA
Versace Sunglasses
Calvin Klein Sandals



RedBlue What’s New

laja-and-fulfill-jewelry-1Red & blue, flared skirts, peplums, all my favorite things in one complete outfit. My week was lovely but busy. It’s already the end of June, an honesty startling reality. I have a summer internship and it’s been making me question a lot of my interests and also pushing me to think about what I want to do after graduation, where I want to live, what the future of this blog is and everything I do. From the bottom of my heart, I have zero answers to the many questions running through my head. It’s honestly discouraging atimes but I do my best to keep a positive outlook.

On the bright side, I’ve been on a roll with red and blue combos lately. It’s such a strong and eye catching duo. They complement each other SO well and I gasp (literally) whenever I see them paired together. It only made sense to pair the Achara top with a bright red skirt. Fiery and strong but still graceful. I’m all about it!

Outfit Details

The Achara Blouse

Skirt: Windsor

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Jewelry: Fulfill Jewelry







So, Mummy LAJA & I decided to do a shoot together because obviously πŸ™‚ The looks were inspired by these two Fulfill Jewelry sets. One warm and the other cool but both making a statement. I enjoyed playing with the contrast in colours and backgrounds. This has to be one of my favorite shoot with Mummy LAJA so far. <3

Which set/look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


Jewelry: Fulfill Jewelry

Gele / Styling / Photography / Makeup: LAJA Styles



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LAJA Unseen #11


Enjoy and don’t forget to check out the name of the pose above on LAJA-gram (@miss_laja). Any guesses?

Leave them in the comments below!

LAJA Unseen #10 | LAJA Unseen #9| LAJA Unseen 8

When you’ve been posing for 5 hours but the photos aren’t lit

When bae come’s through with the food <3 _ <3
When  you cut your hair and your parents don’t recognize you πŸ™‚




Gele Chronicles: George Me Not


Two of my favorite colours in one George material. George is a cotton African textile originating from Nigeria. It is adorned with bright colours and especially gold accents because it is usually worn by royalty. The fabric signifies wealth, luxury and status. The material is commonly worn for special occasions like weddings and church events.

I got this vintage piece from Grandma LAJA and style Mummy LAJA in the lovely number. It’s definitely a different look but what can I say, Mummy LAJA’s so fly <3 I completed the look with this dramatic piece from Fulfill Jewelry to amplify the aesthetic. Loud and proud, baby! Have a lovely weekend and I’ll talk to you in a bit! xx

Outfit Details

George: Vintage

Jewelry: Fulfill Jewelry

Makeup / Styling / Photography: LAJA Styles






New Chapter


I was soooo elated to attend the graduation of one of my long time girlfriends. She graduated Magnum Cum Laude from the University of Georgia! Yess of intelligent women. It was a great week of celebration and relaxation from a super long semester. Good things truly don’t come easy and I love seeing the results of continuous persistence in other people’s lives.

Of course I had to wear ankara to the graduation (repping the brand you know). If you don’t know, I’m actually a “back” type of girl if that makes sense meaning I feel it’s a lot sexier for sure. I’m all for low/open back tops and dresses, halters and all those good stuff so the Oyiubu dress makes me VERY happy and oh-so-sexy. Yeah, graduation and sexy, I don’t know how well those two mix but it worked out, haha! How about you? What pieces of clothing makes you feel the most confident? Sexiest? Let me know and cheers to a new chapter.

Outfit Details

The LAJA Oyibu dress

Shoes: Guess

Earrings: Fulfill Jewelry (loveee of my life haha)




Graduation Season


I wore this eye catching number to a graduation! It was super hot but super fun so this was perfect for the occasion. This jumpsuit is coming soon to LAJA so keep your eyes peeled πŸ™‚ Great news, Exotique Durham now carries LAJA! I am very excited and feel truly blessed! This is a milestone for LAJA and things can only get better. Cheers to many more!

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit: LAJA (coming soon)

Sandals: Charlotte Russe

Jewelry: Fulfill Jewelry