LAJA Unseen #8

  I went out to dinner then to a Broadway show last night and saw Beauty And The Beast! It was really good but I’m yet to see another Broad way performance that would top Wicked (at least for me). When it comes to movies and TV shows, I’m a crier. Correction, a bawler. Literally my tear buds just do their own thing. I was a slobbery mess after seeing Wicked. The performance just touched my soul on another level, haha!
Have you seen any Broadway musicals? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!
Enjoy and don’t forget to check out the name of the pose above on LAJA-gram (@miss_laja). Any guesses? Leave them in the comments below!


When you see the early birds all bubbly and happy at 7am
The “Swerve, I Dodged That Shade For The Gods” Pose
The “Miley Cyrus Possessed LAJA” Pose
When You’re Expecting Someone To Be Nice And Help You Up But They Don’t
When You Thought You Were Hood But You Realize You’re Not Ready.
The “I’m About To Put This Trifling Creature In Their Place” Pose
The “I Have So Much To Do And So Little Motivation To Do Anything” Pose
When You Get Back Home From A Lonnng Day
The “Why The Heck You Lying?! Why You Always Lying?! Hmm Oh Ma Gard, Stop Freaking Lying!” Pose
When You Realize And Understand Who You Are. Fabulous.
When Bae Compliments Your Outfit

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