laja-and-fulfill-jewelry-1Red & blue, flared skirts, peplums, all my favorite things in one complete outfit. My week was lovely but busy. It’s already the end of June, an honesty startling reality. I have a summer internship and it’s been making me question a lot of my interests and also pushing me to think about what I want to do after graduation, where I want to live, what the future of this blog is and everything I do. From the bottom of my heart, I have zero answers to the many questions running through my head. It’s honestly discouraging atimes but I do my best to keep a positive outlook.

On the bright side, I’ve been on a roll with red and blue combos lately. It’s such a strong and eye catching duo. They complement each other SO well and I gasp (literally) whenever I see them paired together. It only made sense to pair the Achara top with a bright red skirt. Fiery and strong but still graceful. I’m all about it!

Outfit Details

The Achara Blouse

Skirt: Windsor

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Jewelry: Fulfill Jewelry