Miss LAJA X Mummy LAJA πŸ˜€
Loved the decor
LAJA X Laquan Smith <3 
Mega babe πŸ˜€ 
Intelligent Ladies
The Honorees
From the latest in #LAJAInNewYork, I had an absolute blast attending the BRAG 2016 Gala. BRAG (Black Retail Action Group) is a non-profit striving for diversity within the fashion and retail industry. It’s lovely being a part of such incredibly intelligent people who are passionate and driven.
My stay was short but sweet (one night), I flew in from Boston and the lovely Mummy LAJA was my date πŸ™‚ The honorees were LaQuan Smith, Terri Hines, Jason McNary and Durand Guion- all with incredibly successful careers in fashion and retail.
Felt like an absolute Queen in my outfit thanks to the Enyabere set and my sick blouse. Gotta love some back action !
Till next time, New York.