I was soooo elated to attend the graduation of one of my long time girlfriends. She graduated Magnum Cum Laude from the University of Georgia! Yess of intelligent women. It was a great week of celebration and relaxation from a super long semester. Good things truly don’t come easy and I love seeing the results of continuous persistence in other people’s lives.

Of course I had to wear ankara to the graduation (repping the brand you know). If you don’t know, I’m actually a “back” type of girl if that makes sense meaning I feel it’s a lot sexier for sure. I’m all for low/open back tops and dresses, halters and all those good stuff so the Oyiubu dress makes me VERY happy and oh-so-sexy. Yeah, graduation and sexy, I don’t know how well those two mix but it worked out, haha! How about you? What pieces of clothing makes you feel the most confident? Sexiest? Let me know and cheers to a new chapter.

Outfit Details

The LAJA Oyibu dress

Shoes: Guess

Earrings: Fulfill Jewelry (loveee of my life haha)