Gele Chronicles: George Me Not


Two of my favorite colours in one George material. George is a cotton African textile originating from Nigeria. It is adorned with bright colours and especially gold accents because it is usually worn by royalty. The fabric signifies wealth, luxury and status. The material is commonly worn for special occasions like weddings and church events.

I got this vintage piece from Grandma LAJA and style Mummy LAJA in the lovely number. It’s definitely a different look but what can I say, Mummy LAJA’s so fly ❤ I completed the look with this dramatic piece from Fulfill Jewelry to amplify the aesthetic. Loud and proud, baby! Have a lovely weekend and I’ll talk to you in a bit! xx

Outfit Details

George: Vintage

Jewelry: Fulfill Jewelry

Makeup / Styling / Photography: LAJA Styles






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