Five Sisters

miss-laja-ankara-fashion (12)

My post in April starts with introducing this lovely dress that’s sister to this stunning Owa Maxi skirt. I wore it to a business event yesterday where I got to talk about my venture and passions. It was amazing speaking in front of an amazing group of important people so I decided on this chic dress and decided yellow was the way to go. I’ve decided I’ll start including occasion details to give you a better idea on where you can wear some of the outfits you see on here.

It’s available for purchase on LAJA. Like the OWA maxi, there’s only one available so know you and me will be the only ones in the world that have this lovely creation. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Outfit Details

Occasion: Business Causal

LAJA “Boji Boji” Dress

Fulfill Jewelry Earrings + Bracelet

BCBG Shoes

miss-laja-ankara-fashion (7)miss-laja-ankara-fashion (6)miss-laja-ankara-fashion (11)miss-laja-ankara-fashion (1)miss-laja-ankara-fashion (8)Always,


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