I have this sense of urgency about life. I always feel I can do more, do better, reach higher. At the stage (and age) I’m in, I believe so strongly it’s the best time to try out new things, go out of my comfort zone, make mistakes because honestly, things only get more complicated as time goes on. This mindset definitely has it perks and downfall. One being you actually get to do really cool things that aren’t as common or you wouldn’t have done had you waited for “the right time”. There’s no such thing. On the other end, you tend to put wayyy too much pressure on yourself as you easily tend to forget that thing we call time and patience. I’m guilty, guilty, guilty all the way.

I’m in such a position right now where I have to take critical decisions as to what direction I want to go in with Miss LAJA and my fashion career. The decision is a major game changer and will require quite some transition in my life. On the other end, it will lead me closer to achieving my dreams, goals and aspirations. I’ve read so much articles my brain is fried and I’ve spoken to may people. Then I realized I’m running because ultimately it’s up to me to make that decision. I know I always speak in riddles but I promise you, it’ll be very clear as to what the hell I’m talking about. It’s nothing bad, far from it. It’s a blessing and the potential opportunities scare me so much it’s hard to concentrate or think or sleep. All I ask is that you stay excited and you pray for me.

Eternity & A Day by Paul Haslinger fills me with so much hope. I almost feel infinite when listening to it. I imagine myself at the highest peak of a mountain amongst the clouds in awe of the view. Sublime. There’s so much beauty and love the world has to offer and while it can be beautifully overwhelming, it’s so important to take things one step at a time, one day at a time because it’s there. Listen to the song, what does it remind you of?

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Outfit Details

Dress: LAJA Styles

Sweater: Windsor

Blazer/Beret: Target

Shoes: Audrey Brooks

Coat: Metaphor