Blue Swan


Hey chica! I just got back from Spring break (very much needed) and if we’re friends on Instagram (@miss_laja), you’d know I was in New York! I got the chance to network with and meet lovely individuals who shed great insight on entrepreneurship, fashion and business.  It’s lovely being around people passionate about making a change. I feel truly blessed. I’m so happy  being consumed by a passion so much bigger than myself. I prefer staying up late brainstorming new ideas for this site or designs for my fashion line. It can be stressful but I label it “good stress” because it energizes me. What’s your source of “good stress”?

With the launch of LAJA, this OWA maxi feeds my never ending love for deep blue. The print is absolutely stunning and I felt really breezy in it. Yes, yes, it is available on LAJA and I’m working hard to add more pieces so keep your eyes peeled my love.

I’m quite excited for this new chapter if you ask me! Enjoy your week and I’ll talk to you in a bit!

Outfit Details

OWA Collage Maxi Skirt: LAJA

Earrings: Fulfill Jewelry

Purse: Segolene En Cuir



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