Well, braids are something I do ALL the time!It’s popular amongst female teenagers, adults and even the elderly so I’m not alone! Braids are a cool way to style the hair especially for people who have thick, coarse hair (mostly common amongst Blacks/Africans). It’s also another way to keep the hair neat for an extended period of time PLUS it can be styled in a variety of AWESOME ways.

Not to seem biased but I’m a HUMONGOUS fan of braids cause I don’t have the patience to wake up every morning and style my hair. I would if I had to (don’t get me wrong) but why should I when I could style the same hair in millions of ways? I could also pull off the effortless I-just-woke-up-this-morning-and-my-hair-still-looks-great look.
The best-est part is anyone can do it! It’s even a good way if you want to grow your hair and it could be done short, long, wavy, straight etc. One could also experiment with different colors of extensions! I adore highlights and it’s a great temporary way to experiment with colors.
I can’t think of any possible disadvantage except for the amount of time it takes to get it done! But this depends on the various criteria like size (the smaller the braid, the longer it takes), if the person doing the hair is fast/slow, if you have “*pepper-body” (see meaning below) or not and that’s all I can think of.
Price? Well it definitely depends on the saloon or individual that you choose. There are affordable hair stylists/saloon that do a good job and there are the high end saloons/stylist that make you look like a confused scarecrow when they finish with you and vice versa.
*Pepper-Body- A Nigerian slang that describes someone who is restless and unable to stay still. (this has different meanings depending on the situation used. You’ll learn more along the way)

This summer, I did long, wavy, braids (with highlights of course) and here are a variety of ways I style mine!

This is just one of many styles out there!

It’s really simple to maintain. You’ll have to apply braid sheen every other day to prevent your scalp from drying out and you could clean your scalp with Methylated Spirit and Cotton wool! 

 Miss L.A.J.A