I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like those few minutes at night before you go to bed is when you really think about things you never thought you’d think of before. For me, I love relaxing in bed and just thinking about various things. Life, my future, boys, school, family… Ok, it sounds too serious but it’s like a refelection. You think of situations you could have handled better or those nice moments that bring smiles to your face when you remember them. We all have those. 

 Well, I’m still trying to figure out where I’m going with this but I know that night time thinking has accelerated my food for thought… For example, I was chilling on my bed one day and was like’If I could start a blog,what would I put in it?’. Even if I couldn’t answer that instant, it was still an idea! And my ever present iPod touch was just chilling under my pillow and I just picked it up and jotted down ‘ideas for blog’ and that’s basically where I am today with Miss L.A.J.A! 

 I also thought of things I’d like to try that I’ve never tried before like… I’ll keep that to myself! Ok I’ll tell you just one. Try yoga (or maybe two) and try Zumba! It’s possible and it’s a refreshing time after all that hard core thinking during the day. Especially if you have school or work or even both! I’m not saying you should lay on your bed one night and rack your brain to think o! It just comes.. Maybe you don’t feel like sleeping and your mind just drifts away… If you need to sleep, sleep o! It’s not by force especially if you have school the next day (your on your own for that one).. 

 Ok, my brain is dried up now.. I think I’ll round up but you get my gist (Hopefully, you do). But yeah.. You should try it sometime… Who knows what crazy ideas or discoveries you’ll make about yourself and/or things! PS, sleep with anything that you could use to take notes in case you come up with an idea or thought you want to keep! Like I use my iPod touch or a journal I keep on my bed stool. Trust me, it works and No, saying ‘I’ll remember tomorrow morning’ doesn’t work.. I speak from experience… You won’t. Annoying but true.