I know funny name… 😀

You may think it’s weaves but it’s actually braids. I’m not a fan of weaves… I prefer braids by far. I might change my mind later but for now, it’s me and my braids.

This style of braids resembles a style I did before called pick-and-drop (or watermelon if it’s curled). The difference is fish-bone is woven to the back and the excess extensions are dropped from side to side as it goes (which is where it gets its name) while pick-and-drop are individual half-finished braids. You could choose to carry it normally and brush it when necessary like weaves. The other option (which I did) is to add hair gel and hair mousse to each individual “drop” to make it stiff and give it a shiny look but you won’t be able to brush it.

These don’t actually look like the typical braids and that’s why I love it. People usually confuse it for my hair. Lol! I did the short one with a center parting (it could always be longer with the parting of your choice) for a new look if not, I’m a sucker for long braids and I NEVER do center parting… till now
With gel: use hair mousse to maintain the body and oil sheen for the scalp. If the braids bend of place, the mousse could be used to tame it back to place.
Without gel: oil sheen for the body and the scalp and brushing when necessary.
Here’s mine!