Yes yes, I got my hair done and it’s black and PURPLE! If you’re not already aware, I have a strong love for purple, orange, royal blue (well, in general bright colours)! So why not get purple highlights in my braids? Plus, I don’t think I will ever dye my natural hair so why not play with the colourful extensions out there? One thing I love about this hair( besides the colour of course) is it’s fullness. It’s also unique. I’m just going about with my bouncy hair feeling like a boss! Haha!

Us Nigerians call it “WaterMelon”. Why water melon? I have not idea and I don’t see any watermelon resemblances here but that’s what it is. It’s very easy to maintain and if you want to learn more about braids and how to maintain them, check here.

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 What funky things have you tried with your hair?