Ika Adage #2- Stones

Everything has its limits. Now, I’m not being pessimistic but while life has so much to offer, certain things will never change and too much of something (even good things) is bad. 
  • If you spill hot water on your bare skin, you will get burnt.
  • No matter how much you try to run someone down, it won’t stop them from shining. 

  • If you eat too much sugary food, you will get sick. 
  • If you put in effort into a goal, you will see results even if it takes time. 
  • If you’re hungry, you need to eat.
  • Smoking will never add value to your health no matter how “refined” it becomes.
  • Night will always follow day (and vice versa)
Some things in life are the way they are and cannot be changed (except through divine intervention) no matter how hard you try. It goes for good and bad things.  A particular action will always yield the same result. That’s just life and this isn’t a pessimistic adage, it’s a realistic one.
Do you have more examples of inevitable things in life?
Let your thoughts run loose in the comments below. 

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