Hair Talk: Waist Length Chuku Braids

You all know that braids will forever be in vogue for me.

 Since I’ve been back in Nigeria, I noticed that super long braids have become really popular but what really made me want to get mine done was after my mum did a hairstyle similar to this. I had no intention of braiding my hair just yet since I recently took out my Senegalese twists but my sister’s graduation was coming up and I was just hungry for braids as usual soooo this happened. Haha!
This style is most popularly know as a “ponytail” is actually called “chuku” in Nigeria.I did Ghana weaving with a side parting.
I used two and a half packs of Xpression extensions in my natural hair color (colour two).
For maintenance, I oil my scalp with Sulphur 8 or Damatol anti dandruff hair cream and clean with methylated spirit.
Duration: I would say 6-8 weeks if done properly.

I wanted something different as opposed to the single stranded braids I always do and I wanted to give my edges some rest (not that they were suffering or anything). I’m obsessed and I will be doing this style again. This is a great summer hairstyle! I definitely recommend it!

What do you think of the waist length braids trend? Are you feeling it or nah?

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13 thoughts on “Hair Talk: Waist Length Chuku Braids

  1. Looks beautiful Ashanwa! If I did this hairstyle (which I am now seriously considering doing), mine would be shorter. Questions: does it feel heavy? Is the rumor true that Ghana weaving badly damages your hair?

  2. Thank you, Nmeli! It is no way at all heavy and it doesn't weigh you down. I believe this is better than single stranded braids (if you're concerned about your edges) because it doesn't get twisted at the roots (something one experiences a lot when single stranded braids age) and your hair is more secured to your scalp. Just like every other braided style, if you leave it in for too long, it can damage the hair so it's all about knowing when to take it out.

    Hope this helps and let me know if you have anymore questions.

    Good luck 😀


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