Back in those days when there were no gas or electronic cookers, the primary way of cooking was with fire wood (a much smaller version of a bonfire). Since there were no fire extinguishers either, after the wood had been taken out, one would blow out the fire with their mouth or water was sprinkled on it.   Now, here’s the tricky part with using water. When you sprinkle a little on the fire, it is aggravated first before it starts to die out. So, you can imagine trying to put out fire (made with fire wood) with water from your mouth. Yup, it’s never going to happen.

 Okay, let’s try imagining this situation. Firstly, you’ll most like NOT put out the fire and secondly, you’ll wet yourself or choke on the water. What if it was a life or death situation… Ha! We know what’s going to happen there.

You remove the water from your mouth THEN blow out the fire. Simple, right?

In real life, it makes more sense to tackle a challenge or goal before advancing onto the next. Taking things one step at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself. While it is not against multitasking, it does advice against doing tasks that contradict one another. For example; attempting to sprint with a huge backpack on your back and full hands. Or trying to inhale and swallow at the same time. 

In order to achieve the most from your tasks, there must be order. Organization, setting your priorities, taking things one step at a time.Indeed the power of organization. 

I can really relate to this because I have those days (we all do) where I just have so much on my plate and I think “Yup, I’ve got this” and I’m juggling 5 things at a time, feeling like a boss then it gets to a point where I realize “No, I don’t got this” and I see I haven’t really gotten much done and all I want to do is just dive into bed and sleep my responsibilities away. If only that were a good option.  

While this seems pretty obvious, there are times (eg school) when we unknowingly find ourselves trying to put out a fire with water in our mouth. Guilty. And that’s fine. Take things slowly and figure out your priorities. It helps having people who remind you to take a break when you don’t remember yourself. Avoid doing things doing things that contradict themselves.

 Just remember to take a step back, breathe, spit out the water… No, spit out the water first, breathe THEN try putting out the fire. Or you could get a bucket. Or just run.

 What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed? Share in the comments below!