Fall Break

Though not celebrated by many universities, this break was VERY much needed and I thank God for it. Anyways, it was a chilled weekend plus a Monday and Tuesday of sleeping, chilling and attempting (quite unsuccessfully) to get work done. I also really appreciated the weather this past weekend. It was a rainy but still warm. I’ll pick that over the cold any day!

I went on a food tour and got to visit the farmer’s market and of course eat food… I also tried bubble tea for the first time. Nope, wasn’t feeling it at all. Anyways on to the pictures! I’ll let them speak for themselves. And don’t forget to enter my giveaway, one more week left! For those of you that had a fall break, I hope it was replenishing like it was for me and for those who didn’t, ayah, diariz God o! Don’t worry, Thanksgiving is coming…
Purple, orange and white flowers… My kinda combo
Not that I’ll ever wear this out or anything…
Beeswax candles
Does this ankara hair-tye look familiar?
The cooked samples were SO good *swoon*
Ram head… Aries…
My friend said this looks like kontomire… She’s Ghanian 
You know it’s real when it’s half a sandwich on half a plate…
Chop knuckle
Paid for this later… T’was good though
Sneak peak
These bad boys just came in…
Wherever there was food, there she was…
Looks like I’m about to speak into the rod…

4 thoughts on “Fall Break

  1. These are great images, gal. Yeah that leave is kontonmire – good for stew. 🙂 That shoe is hot. Can't wait to see you rock it. 🙂


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