Everything about this look screams SASS and I’m loving it; high bun, sassy ankara jacket, booties of life, sunglasses. Ughh, I love seeing and embracing the edgy side in ankara fashion and myself… It doesn’t happen very often…

It’s funny how the weather’s cooling off but I seem to find myself buying more crop tops… How do you explain that? In my defense, it was a warm day.

Anyways, I tried the rolling-up-your-trousers thing and I really like how it turned out. I must admit, I always felt I looked awkward in three quarter trousers but apparently not. Plus, I was motivated by these bad boys that just flew in. These booties are soo unique and edgy I can’t even deal. It was lurve at first sight. Spontaneous, but still love all the same. 
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Outfit details
Ankara Jacket: Custom-Made
Sunglasses: Aldo
Booties: here