You might think I’m wearing a dress but it’s actually an ankara top worn over a top (I wore here) that’s worn over a dress (I also wore here). Talk about layering, isn’t that what Fall is about? It’s not always buying new things. Sometimes you need to get creative and work with what you have.

Speaking of Fall, it’s unbelievable how beautiful everywhere is now. I’ve never experienced Fall like this; the trees are orange, purple, red… All my favorite colors and it’s an absolute joy walking around because everything is SO pretty! I wish we could just have this and skip the winter part to spring. Yes?
I know there have been a lot of outfit posts lately and I’m not complaining (hopefully you guys aren’t either), haha. I can’t write when I’m stressed out so when things calm down, there’ll be plenty more writing but till then, what do you guys want to see more of? What are you favorite parts on this site? I’d love to know so I can give it to you more and make my little space on the world wide web more “homey” and appealing. So, tell me in the comments! I’m taking notes and your comments really do make my day. Don’t be shy or lazy, I won’t bite. Promise 😀
Outfit details
Ankara blouse: custom made
 Booties: here
Beaded purse: inherited; similar here
Sunglasses: here
Necklace:similar here; on sale here


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