For the most part, this is the “Ashan-wa, you’re cray. Why are you wearing a short skirt in mid November?” kinda outfit and to be honest I have no idea what I was thinking either.

It was one of the less colder days so I jumped at the opportunity of a “warm” day… How delusional I was. Let’s just say I was quite a colorful, frozen popsicle by the time I got back to my room. Frozen but still fab. Woop woop!

Remember when I said a while back that I’d name one of my posts “Hues of Blues”? Yes, today is that day. I kept it simple with this this flowy blouse and of course a trusty matching ankara skirt. You all know how much I love royal blue… Don’t be surprised if I get a lipstick in that color. Yes, it’s that deep, haha!

 Then, I did some color blocking with a touch of red. Ahh, it is well but I’d have to remind myself to put on some tights next time… Health before fashion. Always.