I decided to compile a few never before seen photos (more on my Tumblr) of what REALLY happens behind the scenes and throwbacks shots that had me scratching my head and cracking up. It’s so funny to admit that at some point, I felt like a G. Hmm, “All these poses I was sharing, Diariz God o!”

This is what happens when you take photos yourself in front of a tripod… Alone. Some of my photos are taken by my friends and family members but I’d have to say about 90% of the photos you see on this site are taken by me and it’s something I take pride in. So, yes, a lot of interesting things happen behind the scene. Haha! #Fashionbloggerproblems. These “not-posing” poses take effort funny enough and you could say this is pretty close to how I am in real life.  

I have a bunch of head-scratching photos but maybe one day I’ll have the guts to unleash them all but for now, these will do. Find out the name of the pose above on my Instagram (@miss_laja).
I hope you learn one or two new funky poses today! 
The “All I know is my side of the story” pose
The “trying not to laugh when there’s nothing funny” pose
The “jump fail” pose
The “let me scratch my leg” pose
The “one leg up + bone face”= stunting pose
The “kiss my heels” or “look I can wear 5 inches” pose

 The “model my purse but not really” pose.
The “acting like I saw my friend” OR “come look at this, come look at this!” pose
The “ughh my head hurts but not really” pose
The “grip your arm and look away” pose
The “I’m about to fall but I must still pose” pose
The “majestic walk up the stairs” pose
The “I have a testimony” OR “posh church girl dance” pose
The “show off your nails” pose
The “stand in front of the camera and hope you look bad-ass” pose
The “let me just run around and hope I look cute” pose