If water is spilled on a porous or non-porous surface, it’s guaranteed that the water will disappear after a certain period. I believe this adage is referring to things that are out of our control because they just are. Yes, the water goes somewhere but is there anything we can do to stop or reverse it? Nope. 

They could either seep into the ground or evaporate into the air but do we see what “path” each molecule takes as it breaks away into the air or rushes towards Earth’s core? The paths are limitless! Thus, the minute details are not so necessary because they are subject to change depending on the condition; in this case temperature, size of the puddle etc. We know that due to funky scientific reasons, the water goes into the ground and/or into the air. So what does this have to do with anything?

Well, it does apply to you in the sense of worry about the future; the unknown. Sometimes you just get so hell-bent on trying to figure out what path your life is going to take down to the tiniest detail. At least I know I do but the truth is though you might have a grand plan, the future is so flexible that you never really know how things will turn out. You might have a solid idea and know how you want to go about it but you still never really know, you know? (see what I did there?) 
A ridiculously simple analogy; next week Tuesday I know I would like to have breakfast because I love breakfast and I might have a strong idea of what, when, where and with who I’ll have breakfast but that could change. Now tell me, is it worth stressing about the really tiny details like who I’ll bump into on my way there or where I’ll sit? Again I might have an idea but it’s flexible and oh-so-subject to change. The game plan is I want breakfast next week Tuesday but I might end up having breakfast for dinner or lunch or eating something new other than my usual. So should I refuse to have breakfast because they had boiled eggs instead of scrambled eggs? Or I was meant to meet up with Xerxes but Damon ended up joining as well?  It’s a journey with endless paths but one destination.
Relating it to college life where there’s pressure to know what you want to do with your life, you will find yourself adding, subtracting, realigning and discovering your interests along the way. Your big or little picture will change subtly or drastically. You might come in working towards becoming a pediatrician treating axolotls (because they’re beautiful) in Venus but across the line you’re like nah, you prefer Mars… and algae-eating leopard fishes. I know, completely different planets and organisms! And if you’re someone like me that strongly prefers having things planned to the littlest details, then this situation could be VERY uncomfortable. But, it’s okay because change is good… sometimes. As young adults (and humans), we are constantly evolving so while it’s okay to freak out, use it as an opportunity to examine yourself from a different perspective. Explore a completely new side of yourself and with this discovery realign your big picture. Try being a little more flexible and open because it’s an important part of the college experience.

So, as spectators of this puddle on the ground, we might know the general info on the travels of our dearest
H2O friends but you can’t and don’t have to “see” the mouth that carries them from the ground. The water might travel different paths each time and end up in different places. They might not know what their journey holds but we both know one thing; it will leave the ground. Wow, such an un-spontaneous climax but we don’t want to worry about that, now, do we?
This is my twist on it but I’m 1000% sure there are multiple sides that I didn’t touch on! So, share in the comments below and let’s start a convo! 
And yes, I LOVE axolotls and algae-eating leopard fishes!