Them cold, rainy days though. I’m really glad I FINALLY got rain boots. After 3 years of active “procrastination” and lying to myself that I didn’t need them, I finally gave in. Seriously, the kind of suffering my other shoes went through wasn’t even funny. I won’t say I love the way they feel but hey, they’re serving their purpose and they still manage to look quite pleasing to the eyes.

I’ve really been loving combining royal blue with red lately. I believe you can wear any color during fall/winter as long as it’s weather appropriate. Generally, we tend to gravitate towards darker colors which is very fine and as much as I love color, I find myself doing the same. If you feel the urge to throw in some (or a lot of) color, don’t hold back.
 If you’re wondering what the twisted wrap looking thing is, well I made it that way. It’s a kimono that I wrapped and twisted because I felt it added more texture to the ensemble.

Woop woop! back to braidsss! Chai, you don’t know how much I missed these babies. Ughh, they were long overdue. Welcome back booboos, mummy has missed you! There’ll be details on this style because they look like kinky braids but they are basic box braids. I’ll save the hair talk for another post!