Sooo, I’ve been getting positive feedback/questions on my African print clothing so if you’re interested in buying African prints (ankara, kente etc), contact me via email (label on the right) or send me a personal message on my Facebook page here to place orders, make inquiries or simply say hi!

As of now, I will be collecting orders for only prints and gele but I will update this post as I add more products to the list!

For orders on African prints (standard size 6yds) and Gele, include in your message;

1) Quantity

2) Your location to determine shipping costs. For now, I will only be taking orders from Nigeria and the US. (Sorry to my international readers, it will be available to you all soon 😀 )


3) Color preferences: Dominant and recessive colors. For example..

On this jacket, the dominant color= yellow and recessive color= brown. 
It could get complicated since African prints come in diverse colors, patterns and styles but just message me and we’ll talk!

There are lots of inspiration on Miss LAJA so you can start here if you’re dry on ideas for color combos!

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that I will find the EXACT print/gele you see me wear on my site because they might be sold out or out of season BUT I can try to find prints in similar colors or based on your personal preferences.

   I’m so excited to add this section to my site and help those of you looking to buy authentic and quality prints!!

Leave any questions, comments or concerns below!