If you don’t know what’s happening, read this
For those of you who do, enjoy!

Check out my Instagram (@miss_laja) for the name of the pose above. Hahaha!

The “okay, I guess you have a point” pose
The “this food has too much pepper, I never h’esspered it” OR the ” but who sent you?!” pose
The “Michael Jackson taught me. Owww!” pose
The “shakey shakey” pose

The “it’s by force CHEESE” pose
The “Uhunn but I know you’re lying” pose
The “hold up, I’m answering calls on my blue tooth earpiece” OR “I really can’t deal with this anymore” pose
The “Chai, I shouldn’t have gone bald now I want to cry but I must rock the look by force” pose
The “where is the food I ran all this way for?” OR the “my food just spilled. Is life fair?” pose
The “I’m too fly to talk to you” pose
The “I guess I like you too, buddy” pose
The “plucking flowers from a flower-less tree” pose