Wow, it’s December already?

Wow. I can remember clearly talking to my mum about some concerns I had for my site like balancing it with school, etc, etc but here we are. Here we are, with only two weeks of school left. I’m grateful for this semester because I’ve learnt a lot of new things both in and out of school but then I’m in haste for the arrival of Christmas break.
Onto my ensemble, I wore this skirt here but I didn’t think I did it justice so I decided to revisit it again. A friend lent me the hat (because I’m not a hat person)and though it seems misplaced given this time of the year, I love the feel it gives to the whole outfit. It adds a more sophisticated touch. Plus, it kept my ears warm… Kind of.
Now, a mini reflection. One of my concerns this semester was how occupied and busy I would be. It’s not necessarily the fact that I always had one thing to do since that’s normal with college life but that I kept flying through tasks just to get more things done. I wasn’t consciously present in the moment. It got to the point that when people asked me how my day was, I was itching my scalp to remember because I just couldn’t give a candid answer. 

Times when I was meant to be “relaxing”, I couldn’t really get into it because I was too busy thinking about what I had to do after my so-called leisure time. I don’t know when I picked up the habit but I knew I didn’t like it so I started making a conscious effort to take a step back and withdraw from myself and the craziness of day-to-day activities. To learn to stop feeling like a horrible person when I wasn’t “getting work done”. To just take out time to do nothing and just chill… and not freak out about it. I can’t say I’m perfect at it now but it’s getting better. 

Now that finals are coming up, I feel the need to talk about this as a reminder to myself and others out there who feel the same way that it’s not the end of the world. One hour of chilling won’t kill you… Okay maybe not one hour. More like thirty minutes… or even ten minutes. You will survive.