Yup, your very own African, biker babe. I would have said “Okada babe” since that’s the unofficial term for motorcycles in Nigeria but chaie, it’ll just kill the vibe but whichever one resonates with you… To each his own. Hahaha, now I can’t stop laughing at the thought!

I love how this outfit mixes different trends; leather, ankara and of course a pop of color! You surely recognize this skirt’s fraternal twin from here, right? The faux-leather jacket adds a lot edge and if it’s not already obvious, I can’t stop wearing red. It has now been officially added to my list of favorite colors along with orange, purple and royal blue. Of course, I had to style my braids to complement the outfit. Woop woop! Last but not least, I have finally found the ultimate ankle boots that I can (and have been) wearing EVERYDAY! Yesss! 

As I write this post, I’ll be going in for my final exam of the semester in an hour! Then FREEDOM! Wish me success and I hope you all have a great weekend!