Welcome, welcome back. You made it.

I have a really good feeling about 2015 and it makes me nervous thinking about it but 2014 was a year of discovery and really deciding what direction I wanted Miss LAJA to go in. Yes, she’s still evolving but I believe that now, there’s a lot more focus. This 2015 I really want to push myself, step A LOT more out of my comfort zone, say yes more and take more risks. I don’t know what the future holds but whatever happens I want blogging to always remain enjoyable. That’s one of the reasons I started in the first place; I got to use a different part of my brain, like an outlet. My own space to create what I want, whenever and however I want and share it with you. Again, thank you for the support in 2014 🙂
 I’m not the biggest fan of “New Year Resolutions” but I do believe in setting goals and working towards them whether you’re going into a new year or not. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have things you’d like to start/drop this 2015 but the whole “New Year, new me” confuses me a lot. Where did the “old” you go? How about “New year, improved me”? After all, you do get a new chapter not a completely new book.
Anywhoo, I really want to take my eyebrow grooming a lot more seriously. For real. I am blessed with lovely, full brows so I don’t need to fill/draw them in (thank God) but I do tend to neglect them a little to often, haha. This year, I will TRY my best to have “on-fleek” brows as often as possible. Just clean them up a bit and maintain them, you know, haha. It might seem funny but that’s one of my personal goals. What are some of your goals for 2015? It doesn’t matter how silly you think it sounds. As long as it’s important to you, do share!

If you follow me on my Instagram (@miss_laja), you’ll know I started 2015 in Dubai! This is my first time spending the New Year outside Nigeria and it feels exhilarating. I’ve been loving Dubai so far and don’t worry, expect a couple of posts and a whole lot of pictures on Miss LAJA but till then, you can join me on my adventures on Instagram/Facebook.

As for the outfit, I wore it on the 1st (duh) and it’s just giving me life. I’ve had this skirt for the longest but it had me confused and I didn’t want to wear it anyhow. I’m glad I waited and I’m loving the contrasting high-low top/high-low skirt combo. Woop woop! What did you wear on the 1st?

This is a new chapter for Miss LAJA (she’ll be turning two soon! Eeek! :O) and I’m more than excited to see where life/God takes us. When I say us, I mean you, me and Miss LAJA (who is still technically me) cause this is one crazy, fun roller coaster of a journey I want you to be a part of. Woop woop!
I pray the start of this year meets you well. No matter where you are in your life, count yourself blessed.

You made it.
Welcome to 2015