A well spent week in Dubai, so bitter-sweet!

As promised the photos of my adventures in Dubai! It was a blast so I’ll break down my highlights for each day one at a time.

It was so hectic! We arrived at our boarding gate 5 minutes before our flight was to leave. All of us were running like CRAZY and to make matters worse better, Davido was also on our flight. I was so stressed out I almost didn’t notice him and there was (of course) a crowd of people wanting to take photos. Funny enough, it wasn’t the passengers causing the drama, it was the staff at the boarding gate telling people to wait so they could take pictures with him BEFORE they checked our boarding passes… 5 minutes before our flight was to leave. Haha, only in Nigeria. Sadly I didn’t get a photo with him if not I would have definitely done a sighting post but just wanted to share this little bit. It was either him or Dubai. Oh and he was a lot more attractive in person just throwing that in there. Though I love his music, I wasn’t really moved by his looks when I saw him in photos. I don’t know if it was the stress of almost missing my flight or the lighting that clouded my vision but I was very much impressed. Haha! 

Oh and I finally watched The Fault In Our Stars. I already knew it was quite a sad movie, so I basically cried from beginning to end. My sisters thought something was wrong with me. The happy parts, I cried. The sad parts, I cried. I like to think of it as rationing/sharing my tears. I cried so much my ears got blocked and I had a headache. I also had a cold and that heightened the pressure in my ears so much I thought my eardrums were going to explode. It was horrible but very worth it. Great movie.

Day 1

Day 2
Plans changed but we eventually went to the Desert Safari and I’m so glad we did! It was so much fun. Quite a drive but so worth it. There was a “bumpy ride” through the desert to the tents (I posted a video on my Instagram @miss_laja), the panoramic views were breathtaking/instaworthy, we rode camels, held falcons, got some henna tattoos, had dinner, I could go on and on but it was fulfilling. It got quite cold into the evening and we weren’t exactly dressed for the weather so we had to cut it short!

Day 3
Today was the Dubai bus tour, we got to visit and see a bunch of places from the Dubai museum (the oldest building in Dubai!) to Jumeirah beach. In fact, my sister and I almost got left behind because we were busy taking photos, haha. The Gold and Spice Souks just brought the thirst to a whole new level. Yummy, yummy, gold/diamond pieces had my eyes like O_O 
We got a breakdown on the history of the Palm Islands (world’s largest man-made island/one of the Wonders of the World). After the tour, I was mind blown. As in, the Arabs know how to enjoy themselves! No wonder Nigerians love them. I couldn’t count how many times they asked my family and I if we were Nigerian, haha. There are sooo many new projects coming up there and it’s amazing seeing how much they’ve accomplished in less than 2 centuries. Dayuummm!

To be continued…