Confessions Of A BridesMaid

Couples that slay together stay together right?

Yeah, yeah there’s a lot more to it but it flows so well. You guys know through my Instagram (@miss_laja) that I attended a wedding; my cousin’s wedding to be precise and I was on the bridal train so of course I had to share the experience with you all!

The wedding took place across a span of 3 days (a day in-between the traditional and white wedding). I was jumping with excitement because orange, red and purple were included in the color theme. Woohooo, some of my favorite colors to the rescue! Check out the outfit though, and yes I tied my gele myself 🙂 Anyways, the traditional wedding was first and I got to act as the fake bride. Let me explain. Before the actual bride comes out, there are several “wanna-be” brides that come disguised in a veil to “deceive” the groom. He has to acknowledge to everyone if that’s bae or nah. Well, you can say the rejection was quite real, haha! The couple has a cup (usually filled with palm wine) and one gives the other to drink from it and vice versa after exchanging vows and with this they have traditionally tied the knot. By Nigerian standards, they are officially recognized as a married couple. Sweet! I wrote an article called “Let’s Get Married” for an International magazine on the dynamics of traditional marriage in the Ika tribe and pretty much Nigerian culture in general so check it out and tell me what you think!

Onto the White wedding, I suppose you know how that works so I’ll skip to the interesting part. I CAUGHT THE BOUQUET! Am I excited? Yes! Do I want to get married now? Not really… but you never know, hehe. This is the first time in my life I’m catching a bride’s bouquet and there were a lot of single ladies, haha! Don’t worry, I was very chic about it. No clamoring or thug of wars of any sort haha. Plus, most of the ladies on the bridal train were married so the ladies there were mostly guests. 
Do you believe in the folklore about being next in line if you catch the bride’s bouquet? I honestly never thought about it till now because I have never been in that position but at the moment, I’ll say not really. 
However, I’ll keep you update if I do get married this 2015 haha!




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