Baby Doll

I’m reveling in the playfulness of this outfit. I decided to bring some summer to Miss LAJA since I can’t have it in real life with this cold. Oh well…

I love how both patterns mix well with each other. Another example of how wearing pattern on pattern (florals+ankara) isn’t as horrible as you thought it to be, haha. I matched it with a stunning Fulfill Jewelry set that reminds me of nets for some strange reason and I borrowed my mum’s purse to complete the look. The perks of having a stylish mum that you share stuff with, woop woop! 
You might have already noticed from my past post that I did ombre braids. I’ve been wanting to do them for over a year after spotting a lady in the airport. I literally stalked her just to take a picture of her hair. Not creepy at all.
This is another one of the skirts that’s available for purchase so hit me up if you’re interested. There were lots of ups this week that left me feeling so grateful. I can’t wait to share with you and I hope you stick around to find out. Till then, have a swell weekend and I’ll talk to you in a bit!

Outfit details
Ankara skirt: available for sale 🙂
Bodysuit: similar here
Shoes: American Apparel (similar here)
Sunglasses: Kensie
Purse: Mummy LAJA (similar one on sale here)

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