Of course, the first few skirts I’m selling had to include a variation of purpleeee!

It’s back to tights and layers with the weather but I’m not complaining that much. What’s really giving me a headache is my scalp. It’s SUPER dry because of the cold and I don’t know what to do about it. My usual products aren’t holding against the weather and I don’t want to destroy these lovely braids before their due time so if you have any tips on keeping your scalp hydrated in these rough times, please sharee. I’ll literally try anything at this point. Seriously.

Anyways, I have on multiple layers with a turtleneck + cardigan + biker jacket + bad-ass booties + ombré bumbum braids + ankara skirt. The girly girl meets biker chic and the winter layering is giving me so much joy I’m liking the cold weather a tad bit more than usual. This is another skirt available for sale so you can email me if you’re interested. See the others here and here

Just by the way, I have a love/hate relationship with my lens because some days, the images are a dream (today is one of those days) and other days it hurts my eyes to even look at the photos. Sometimes I reallyy want to upgrade and other times I’m like nah. I guess I need to get to know my DSLR to a tee before making that decision. Does that happen to you or is it just me?
Oh, be sure to check out my feature on West African LifeStyle where I share my tips on looking great in ankara all day err’day.  Woop woop!
Have a great rest of the week and Happy Hump Day, my love!
 Outfit Details
Ankara skirt: for sale 🙂
Turtleneck shirt:similar here
Cardigan: similar here
Biker Jacket: Bongo (sold out) similar here
Bag: Paul’s Boutique London
(The baddest) Booties (in the game): Mix No. 6
Sunglasses: my Aldo ones broke, got the replicas here