Because wearing a croptop in the cold is always a good idea right?

Wrong. Wrong. Oh, did I mention how wrong I was? Haha, I literally slobbery cried my way through this shoot. It wasn’t the cold that got me (lies) but the wind. That chick was crazy and she just kept blowing away everything… including my hair so on the bright but teary side I got some really cool hair-flowing-with-the-wind shots.Very worth the tears.

I wore these ankara trousers in the same print as this dress and I was feeling very daring so I added the hounds-tooth coat. I really like how the patterns meshed and the laissez-faire feel of the whole ensemble. I can imagine myself wearing this to a fashion show; maybe I was delirious from the wind but I still feel that way while writing this article. It was recently Paris Haute couture week so excessive creativity really rubbed off on me. I also managed to pull off (for the first time) a strictly black and white look including ankara which is almost impossible as African prints usually come with several colors. Woop woop!
As much as I love this coat, I won’t put down where I got it from because I was sooo disappointed in the quality; more specifically the finishing. This surprised me because I really like the brand and I’ve never had issues quality wise with their items. However, it was my first time buying a coat from them so I know to be weary in case of next time. If there’s even a next time. It looks so great in the pictures though šŸ™‚

I hope you’re all having a swell week and I’ll talk to you in a bit.

PS, Happy New Month! Hellooo, February!!

Outfit Details
Ankara Trousers: Custom Made
Croptop: Windsor
Shoes: Body Central
Chain: F21