I hope you had a great week! Mine was really sweet over here but I’m super glad it’s the weekend. Yesterday, I stayed in and read novels till my eyes turned dry and crispy because it’s not every time I get free time to leisurely readddd as I please. So yes, I dumped my phone somewhere and swallowed as much words as my eyes could take till I literally collapsed in bed haha. Fab way to spend my Friday night if you ask me 🙂 What did you do?

I love this outfit, very chilled and laid back. I wore my crop sweater over the ankara dress I wore here. Honestly, I can’t wait for warmer weather because I miss wearing maxi dresses SO MUCH! They are my go to pieces for Spring/Summer because they are really classy and you look great without having to think too much. That’s a win, win for me so Spring/Summer, show your face! I’ve been waiting for thee since the end of fall and the beginning of winter!!

Anyways, have a great weekend, my love and I’ll talk to you in a bit.

Outfit details:
Ankara dress: Custom made
Crop Sweater: Windsor
Bag: Paul’s Boutique
Shoes: Rocket Dog
Earrings/Bracelet: Fulfill Jewelry