True or nah? It’s okay if a close friend or an immediate family let’s you know… in a private place… when you’re alone… and can actually do something about it AKA re-brush, chew gum or the likes BUT what if that’s not the case? Maybe you’re on an outing, no not just any outing but a date (it is Valentine’s season, you know) and, and, you know, a little someone isn’t co-operating after everything’s SUPPOSEDLY laid; hair, make-up, outfit. Really? Of all the times it could happen, it’s now. Geez, can’t an in-di-vi-du-al have it all?

Okay, this adage might sound funny but I like to think that it’s talking about the importance of having genuine people who will let you know the truth no matter the circumstance. Whether it sounds good or not and whether you want to hear it or not. It makes sense right? A relative, your siblings for example, would tell you if your mouth was smelling if it’s the genuine truth or they’re just being well, siblings. I know mine do and yes, it’s really annoying but on the long run you’re saving individuals you’ll encounter money they would spend on buying painkillers to deal with the damages caused by your face hole. Come on, be nice. Thye’re paying for the damages and they’re the victims. Amongst my family (2 parents and 4 siblings), if anyone’s mouth is smelling and they happend to be “sniffed”, the charged individual goes through a trial where the judges (aka other members of the family) do the “whiff-and-unblock-your-nose test” and if he or she is charged guilty, they’re sentenced to re-brushing and/or being made fun of the whole day forever. I’m not even kidding, the struggle is real but they have my back so I can’t complain so much, haha.
Seriously, I can’t stress the importance of exercising quality over quantity in every aspect of your life especially when it comes to deciding who gets to be a part of your life. People you mingle with do rub off on you and it sucks being amongst people you can’t be yourself with or being in one-sided relationships. Or being with people who resemble chameleons (figuratively but you can take it literally if you like, hehe) because they are just too fake. It takes two people to have a relationship; it’s a give and take and if you’re always on the giving end and not getting anything in return, it’s very draining. If you are fortunate to have friends who genuinely care about you, appreciate them and don’t take them for granted. Give them your best because they deserve it.

How do you know a genuine friend? It’s simple. They’ll tell you when your mouth stinks, wreaks and is contributing significantly to global warming. Yes, yes, using a more toned down approach but you have to be careful because you don’t want a “friend” that only points out your weaknesses or attacks you for the slightest mistakes. Those “frenemies” in my opinion are the deadliest but that’s a post for another day. In as much as these genuine individuals tell you the harsh, painful truth, they will also support, motivate and let you snot-cry on them when you feel like toilet paper (sorry toilet paper). They’ll stick around during the great and not-so-great times and that’s something to look out for in an individual. I believe being selective about the people in your life (romantically or other) says a lot about you as a person. It shows that you know your value and aren’t willing to just settle for anyone. No, it’s not wrong to be selective because it does save a lot of heartache and wasted time.

Valentine’s season isn’t only for celebrating romantic and passionate love with your significant other (but if you have one, what are your plans? Tell meee) but also to celebrate kick-ass friendships, lovely family members and just having the opportunity to have people walk with you on your journey as you do on theirs Remember, there are some people who would appreciate having someone to show they care. By just being there, you know? It could be rendering your service to someone in need and there are several ways to show you care without having to spend mon-ayyy (no oppositions to that though). If you’re single, I wrote some V-Day posts last year that make me want to cry (find out why here) but regardless, I still love them and I believe you will too! 
What I appreciate the most in any relationship is time and loyalty and I don’t think I’m alone on this one. Gifts are great don’t get me wrong but there’s nothing like someone giving up their time and staying loyal to YOU. Because YOU is worth it. Wow, that sounds so ratchet, haha! 
Taking the wise words of this adage, be a smelly mouth detector to your loved ones today. They will thank you… Just tell them nicely… or nah.

What’s your take on this adage? How else would you interpret it?

PS, I’m falling asleep with excitement for the next post! Yes, it’s Valentine’s themed and it’s going to be something different so watch out for it! Oh mah gadd!

PS,PS, It’s my baby sister’s birthday today! She turns 7! Happy Birthday, Kiki! #AsianTigerOfLife

Lots of Love,