LAJA Unseen #3

#LAJAUnseen the 3rd.

I’m think of adding photos of when I was younger. That’s when things get really rough, haha! Yes? Don’t forget to check out LAJAgram (@miss_laja) for the name of the pose above.
Also, I’m so happy to say I’ve finally set up my online boutique called LAJA (yasss!) so you can order ankara skirts and more while stock (yassssss!) lasts AND yes babe, international shipping is available. YassssSSSssssss!

Enjoy and I’ll talk to you in a bit!

 The “Boy’s So Fine Imma Have To Lean” Pose
The “Did I Hear You Right?” OR The “Oh No She Didn’t” OR The “Flamingo LAJA” Pose
The “I Might Look Like A Chameleon But Brows On Fuh-Leek Da What?!” Pose
The “Friday Is That You?” OR The “Look At The Monkey I’ve Been Looking For” Pose
The “Tell Me You Got Me Whipping My Hair Back & Forth” Pose
The “Wagwan, You Feel Me Bloodz” Pose
The “Hold Up Let Me Stylishly Sniff My Wrist” Pose
The “You Don’t Say?” Pose
The “I Don’t Care, I Offically Have #LongHairProblems” Pose


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