I must tell you, this is the most challenged I’ve been fashion wise this winter because this past week was the coldest we’ve had in NC. You know I’m not the fondest about the cold weather so when I saw the weather predict -17 degrees celsius. No. Just no.

Of course all I wanted to do was hibernate and we did have a snow day so classes got cancelled (woop woop!) but now it’s really annoying because everywhere is crazy slippery and not the safe. The motivation to dressup was low mostly because I had no idea where to start in my wardrobe and I have been stubborn about doing winter shopping. Anyways, I was arguing with two of my friends (one from Colorado and the other from Chicago) on how to look stylish and not catch pneumonia. They challenged me and this ensemble. The temptation to wear all black was strong but I resisted haha.

Speaking of black, I tried black nail polish for the first time. I had been reluctant for the longest because I thought it’d look weird on dark skin. However I was inspired by a fellow blogger and now I’m in love. It’s so different from the usual bright colors I use on my nails like red, purple and blue but it is gorgeous! I also used a matte top coat and I was hooked. I guess you can say I’ve joined the dark side haha.

I hope you had a great week and have a restful weekend. I’ll talk to you in a bit!
Outfit Details
Ankara Skirt: Custom-made (purchase some here)
Winter Jacket: New Look
Coat: Windsor
Sweater: Target
Earrings: Fulfill Jewelry