So, I took some of the extra ankara material from my different skirts (available for sale here) and I played around with it. I have so many little scraps so I joined them together and made this little ankara belt. I also used the bigger piece as a headband. Yes, the creative juices were flowing and I like to think of it as recycling. Stylish recycling.

I decided to match it with this sweater turtle neck dress and my fire booties. Honestly, the fact that I could bare my arms had me crying tears of joy (no, the wind wasn’t involved this time). It was still cold (around 5-6 degrees Celsius) but with how low the temperature had been, this felt quite warm. I know it sounds crazy but I feel like Mother Nature was trying to makeup for the brutal weather last week. Some people were even in shorts, hahaha. It actually snowed again and I’m hoping this winter craze ends cause Spring Break is fast approaching and I want need my warm weather!

Speaking of Spring Break, what are your plans? Mine’s at the beginning of March (aka Miss LAJA/Miss LAJA’s month) so the school workload is getting crazyy but I believe it’ll work out. I’m going of campus and I really can’t wait! There will be more info as it draws closer but till then, hang in there.

Have a great rest of the week, loverr!