I present to you (some) of the promo pictures for Duke Africa’s annual Jabulani Show. Oh ma gashhh, I’m sooo in love!

Happy New Month, loverrss! March is a special month for me because Miss LAJA, Miss LAJA (yes, I said it twice) and Daddy LAJA celebrate our birthdays and for many more reasons! It’s a countdown! Get excited!
This year’s theme for the African Exposition presented by Duke Africa is “The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Headwrap”. For this project, I was the stylist, model and photo editor and I had so much fun during the shoot! I might even be modelling in the fashion show… *wink wink*
What I’m most proud are the geles *sniffs and flicks tears*.  I’m so happy with how they turned out. My strength was put to the test, haha. The tugging and jumping was real as you know for those of you familiar with the art of tying gele.

What do you think of the photos? Hit or Miss? You already know I’m in love with them if not, I wouldn’t put them on here, haha!
Countdown to Spring Break, I cannot wait. Hold on tight, we’re almost there!
Directors: Stephanie Ogwo and Ozioma Uwazurike
Photographers: Stephanie Ogwo and Kolapo Aluko
Editors: Ashan-wa Aliogo and Stephanie Ogwo
Styling: Ashan-wa Aliogo
Models: Mariel Rosario, Kolapo Aluko, Martina Tiku, Joseph Bassey, Zamantha Granados, Ashan-wa Aliogo

The Jabulani Show is 17th March 2015 in Reynold’s Theatre, Duke Univeristy from 8-10pm. Come through and have a swell time celebrating Africa and her culture!