Greetings, I hope you’re having a good week whether you’re on Spring break or not. I’m on Spring break and I couldn’t be any happier. It feels great to leave campus. I must confess, creative-wise, I’ve been soo burnt out lately mostly due to the the bi-polar weather and school but like all things, this too will pass.

I’m currently on a beach retreat with my campus ministry and this is EXACTLY what I needed. Just escaping school/work to a different and more tolerable climate. I’ve been taking things easy these past few days to catch up on lost sleep and genuinely relax meaning chilling out with great people, laughing A LOT, deepening my faith and just enjoying the moment. Notice I didn’t sport my usual bold lips or flicked liner and that’s all part chilling process but I’m not sure how long I can do without the lipstick though. I already miss it, haha! The waves are gorgeous and I love falling asleep and waking up to them. Oh, there are trees everywhere and well, I really like trees.

Keeping that in mind, I paired this stunning ankara halter top with matching shorts and I basically hopped around the beach much to my friend’s delight since she took most of these photos. I wore a mini dress in the same print a while back and though the water was too chilly to get in, it was nice dipping my feet and running out because they hurt for the cold, haha.

I don’t like forcing the creative juices to flow because I feel my work isn’t as quality or authentic and the well’s pretty dry now but it will come back. Giving you guys my best makes me really happy so if you’re on a break, do make the most of it and relax. If not, then take some time out this weekend for you and you alone.

Have a great rest of the week and I’ll talk to you in a bit.