With Spring Break coming to an end, I truly, truly feel refreshed. This week felt like a dream.

There are so many things I’ll miss from waking up at 1:30pm to sleeping at 5am because I’m playing games with friends or just chatting about all sorts of things for hours. The weather was beyond stunning this week despite the dim forecasts and I can actually feel my energy coming up, for real. I know some say the sun drains them and call me crazy but I actually draw energy from the sun. Could this mean I’m secretly a plant? *snickers at science joke*

Anyways, I kept things really minimal by sticking to basics, few accessories and spiced it up with my flared LAJA ankara skirt (I styled the other one here) with these lovely, lady killer, booties. Simple and chic. Really reflecting how I’ve been feeling these past few days. As the temperatures rise, I hope to soak up enough sun to zap my creativity out of hibernation. It’s happening. Slowly but surely.

Have a great weekend!