Some photos from my Spring Break last week. I don’t know where to start. First thing first, I went on beach retreat with my campus Christian ministry where we stayed in rented beach houses. It was absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed. It was a great week of chilling and sleeping and eating and not sleeping and beaching. In short, It was absolutely stunning.

One of my biggest highlights was paying a visiting to this 93 year old lady who still lived independently. She does the basics like cooking, light cleaning (she has someone who comes in to do heavy cleaning each week) and she still drives! Of course within the town to places like church and the post office but being able to drive at that age is still INSANE. I was inspired beyond words. That’s some #oldpeoplegoals right there. 

Another one of my highlights was just staying up super late watching movies, playing games and just chatting with friends about random stuff like silly characters cartoons to relationships. Playing Jenga and cards really pushed my heart rate to its limits. Talk about tension, geez! I definitely appreciated late night or shall I say early morning conversations. It’s probably a mixture of the delirium you feel from staying up too late and just really good company. I already accepted the fact that I talk a lot a long time ago but I actually surprised myself some nights. I’d say to myself “Dayumm, Ashan-wa you actually need to shut up and chill”. I’ll just take it as evidence of a good time so no complaints here, haha.

One last thing was definitely the weather because… Well, because. The odds were in our favor and it was gorgeous despite the grim weather forecasts. The sky and sunsets were magnifique I can’t explain how much I enjoyed waking up to crashing waves and a bright sunny day in the morning… actually more like 1:30pm cause that’s when I actually opened my eyes. Sorry not sorry.

It was definitely a blessed week and I hope you enjoy the pictures. Now I want a house on the beach, haha!

I can’t wait to share the pictures from the DukeAfrica show and talk about the experience. Gosh, it was crazy, crazy fun but till then, the interview I did with Duke a while back is finally out so check it out here! This is official my first video interview. Talk about #BlueDevilLove. 

Cheers to many more!