Helllloo, Spring! I can happily say I shot these photos without half freezing to death. Woop woop! Progress is being made.

It’s officially Spring and it’s about time for real but I’m not going to blab about the weather like I usually do. Just know I’m happy about it. First thing first, is my hair. Yes, I have reverted back to braids. I had missed it so much and yes, it’s the same a similar style as what I had previously done (notice the braided base of the pony tail? Love it!). Honestly, I feel like this particular style of braids reflects where I am at this point in my life. Where that is exactly? Yeah, I don’t know either but I find myself going back to it so I will be wearing it till I can’t stand it anymore. I love it so much because it’s just so sleek and polished. And of course, it’s blue. *wink*

Speaking of life, this is the last post I’ll be writing as an 18 year old *sheds tear*. Yes, hunnay, Miss LAJA and Miss LAJA’s birthday this Saturday! Miss LAJA turns 19… and 2! My baby will be 2 years, oh ma gasshh! *runs around like a proud mother duck*  You don’t understand how happy I am. I’ve learnt so, so much. More for this site than the fact that I’m turning 19 because to be honest I’m not as excited as I’d like to be (working on that though).  My friends say 19 is a weird age because you’re not 18 or 20 so you’re in the final year of being a teen and while you’re legally an adult, you’re still a teenage. Ha!  I’ll save my spiel for the next post so wait for me at tha doe *tilts head*

Finally onto the outfit, need I say more? Yellows, oranges, no tights and ankara? It’s quite obvious I’m ready for warm weather and of course, the countdown. Let’s hope the weather allows me.
 Countdown to LAJA Day, lovah and enjoy the rest of your week!

Outfit Details
Ankara skirt: Custom made (similar here)
Top: Body Central
Shoes: Charlotte Russe 
Bag: Dooney&Bourke
Earrings/Bracelet/Ring: thrifted 

I’ll Always Be,