Hey, stunner! I’m feeling on top of the world today not only because today is my 19th birthday but my site, Miss LAJA turns 2 today.

I am eternally grateful to God for keeping me this far and his unrelenting mercies in my life, family, friends and projects. I’m so, so happy with where I am now especially compared to where I’m coming from. 18 was a special year, I achieved so much that I would sometimes think I was in a dream. I keep saying this but it’s crazy how time flies and how things change so quickly. All in all, I’m grateful. I went to an Italian restaurant for with my girlfriends and we ate and talked for hours. Good food (AKA pasta) and good company are two of my favorite things in this life. 

Starting from today, I would say turning 19, I want to be more comfortable with my body image and fully embrace myself as a woman. It sounds so serious when I use “woman” because I still consider myself a kid but loh and behold, it is the truth. I am no longer a child and for me, 18 was more about finding my way around since I started college. Things fell apart and I had to build myself back up. I learnt a lot of things about myself thanks to the college and my site, Miss LAJA. 18 was more finding out who I am, knowing my worth, learning about my strengths and weaknesses, like and dislikes etc. I feel like I have a fuller grasp of who I am as an individual thanks to the things I’ve been through and the people I surround myself with and I’m happy for this. It was a bumpy ride but it’s a great feeling.

I want 19 to be a year of accepting myself, flaws, strengths and all, wholly and unapologetically; physically, emotionally, personality-wise, mentally, spiritually and the list goes on. On this journey onto a new chapter in my life, I hope this spills over in Miss LAJA and it touches you in ways that will encourage you to do the same, whether you’re a boy or girl. 
I wasn’t as excited about turning 19 not because I’m afraid of getting old or anything but 19 is a weird age. However, this outfit made me think twice. I loveee this outfit so much and when I was picking it out, I knew I wanted something a little more risqué and out there than usual. Yes, hun, there are days when I don’t wear ankara. My goal for my ensemble was sleek and chic. What do you think? I’ll be saving looks like these for special occasions, haha. I just had to channel my inner Beyoncé
and Rihanna then add a touch of Miss LAJA. Love, love, love it!

Cheers to a new chapter for Miss LAJA and Miss LAJA. Hope you’ll continue this ride with me.

Happy Birthday,
I’ll Always Be,
Always and Forever,