I know it’s weird imagining a fig tree plotting to slap passers-by to oblivion but never getting around to it because plants are one of the nicest creatures on the planet. Right? Or maybe they just have a supernatural dose of self control, haha! How can they harbour such contempt towards us humans? Or do they? They certainly look like they do with their large sizes and thick over-extending branches. It’s definitely an intimidating looking tree… but to slap someone. It’s not that deep. Before you get started, look at a couple of fig trees to get a better imagery in your head.

I really like this adage because it portrays what fear does to us.  When we’re afraid to try new things, take (sensible) risks, of the unknown etc, it’s easy to concoct all types of assumptions and excuses as to why you shouldn’t give “that thing” a shot. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re so scared to try something, it almost seems impossible but when you eventually do, you realize “That was so bad after all.”. That is the barrier of fear and doubt. It prevents you from even trying at all.

Sometimes I get in my head and over-speculate situations, psych myself out and end up dropping it. A personal example, I modeled this year for the first time in a fashion show for an on campus organization and of course, we had to audition prior to it. So, the thing is I wasn’t familiar with walking runways so it was a new experience.You’re probably thinking but you’ve posed for the camera a million times and can walk in heels but I promise you, fashion blogging and modelling aren’t the same thing. They’re similar yes, but they’re different. Anyways, I was nervous out of my braids and I almost didn’t go to the auditions because the thought of walking (in heels) in front of an actively watching crowd had my ears burning. Oh, my ears get hot when I’m overly excited or nervous, hehe. I had all these images running through my head, I thought I would break a leg (literally) or fall or do something utterly silly. I was freaking out to my friends and they assured me I was being a purple and orange frog and I’d be fine. I was and I had the same “Wow, Ashan-wa you’re so over dramatic, it wasn’t that deep” epiphany.
There are so many things I want to do and even when I know this, there’s doubt as to whether I should. I know a lot of people feel this way so you are not alone. Fear and doubt robs you of amazing opportunities. I know I’ve fallen prey to this several times but it is an experience. Just do it even though you don’t feel the most prepared or qualified because if you don’t all you’ll have left is regrets and what ifs.It’s a really crappy feeling. 

I think in quotes so another quote that concisely summarizes this one goes “Feel the fear and do it any way because it might not be too late now but one day, it will be” and I don’t know who wrote it. I hope you’ll be encouraged to push yourself out of your comfort zone more often. It’s easier said than done… like most things in life so breath more, think less and JUST DO IT! If that doesn’t work, you can ask a fig tree to slap you but honestly, you’ll be fine.
What’s one thing you REALLY want to do but haven’t been able to because of whatever? For me, I’d really like to dye my hair deep blue or purple… Or get highlights in those colors!
Share yours down below!